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OCCA Love and Help Activities

The OCCA launched Love and Help Activity on February 4th. We have helped shopping and necessary errands for many returned travelers in voluntary quarantines at home. These activities benefit local communities in Covid19 epidemic prevention safety and reflected our sense of social responsibility.

The elderly are at high-risk group in the Covid-19 pandemics. With financial assistance from Service Canada / New Horizon for Seniors Program and support of our devoted volunteer team, the OCCA is expanding the Love & Help for shopping and necessary errands to residents over 65 isolated at home.

The services are currently available in the neighborhoods of Rutland, Springfield & Spall, Kelowna downtown, Upper Mission, Kettle Valley, Glenmore, Westbank and Peachland. If you are not resided in these areas, but need help or can serve as volunteer, please contact us. For updated infos, please visit our website:

The Administrative rules of Love and Help:

  1. The services for returned travellers are: to drive your vehicle to the airport parking lot for you to drive home by self and may provide 10 masks free of charge.
  2. Food and necessity shopping for returned travellers quarantining at home and for residents over 65. The service is free and the clients pay own bills.
  3. We encourage those need help to allocate friends and neighbours to help. We will provide masks and mileage allowance in the same way as to our volunteers.
  4. A deposit of $100/family must be made to the OCCA prior to service starting. The deposits will be refunded upon un-subscription or program closing if all purchase bills were refunded in full to the volunteers. Deposit can be waved by the volunteers.
  5. All financial transitions will be handled via e-transfer methods. Our volunteers will coach the technology in case need.
  6. Shopping and delivery time will be scheduled by the volunteers.

Please provide you name, address and phone to register for receiving services via email: or Wechat or call our helpline 778-484-6222.

OCCA 有爱活动

OCCA 在2月4日 开始的有爱活动帮助了许多旅行归来自我隔离的朋友,增加了社区防疫安全,体现了华人的社会责任感。


目前可以在如下区域提供服务:Rutland,Springfield & Spall,Kelowna downtown,Upper Mission,Kettle Valley,Glenmore,Westbank和Peachland. 如果你住在其它地区 需要帮助或可以作志愿者, 请联系我们。请访问我们的网站看详情更新


  1. 帮助把旅行归来人自己的车开到机场停车场, 如果需要可以留10个免费口罩。
  2. 免费帮助在家隔离和65岁及以上居民代购食品和必需品。客户需自己支付购物消费。
  3. 我们鼓励需要帮助的人找到自己的朋友或邻居。和其他志愿者一样OCCA 将提供口罩和车费补贴
  4. 需要此项服务的每个家庭请给OCCA交付押金$100。如果所有购买账单全额支付,押金可以在退订或计划结束后退还。志愿者可以免去其受助人的定金。
  5. 所有财务将通过电子转账方式处理。志愿者会提供必要的技术指导。
  6. 接到购物需求后会根据义工时间尽快安排.

请需要帮助的长者把姓名,住址和电话 电邮到 或微信私聊 或者打电话到OCCA 热线 778-484-6222注册。

The OCCA Golden Age Activities

Financially assisted by Service Canada/New Horizons for Seniors Program and started in April, 2018, the OCCA Golden Age Activities aim to improve social connections of seniors and to encourage them contributing to the community and living meaningful retirement life. Most activities are scheduled between Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

Car pool transport is provided for 55 years and older. Seniors are welcome to invite their children and grand children. A social media network Wechat group "金年华Golden Age" has been established. Locations, time and activities will be notified via emails and Wechat upon scheduling. Activities are grouped as the following:

  • A. Learning Technology: cell phone, tablet, computer & internet
  • B. Recreation (Fitness & Wellness): Taiji & square dance
  • C. Entertainment: mah-jong & card game, calligraphy, painting, music & singing
  • D. Outdoor: walk & picnic in parks
  • E. Short trips - bus tour in town or to visit surrounding areas

More activities will be hold upon demand. Life is beautiful. Let's enjoy every day !

Fee: $ 5/person/session for A-D, free for OCCA members. Gold Age participants are required to subscribe independent membership. Fees for E will be quoted accordingly.

奥根华加协会 金年华 活动

感谢Service Canada/New Horizons for Seniors项目资助, 奥根华加协会 金年华活动始于2018年4 月旨在为老年人提供社会交流机会,鼓励在退休后继续贡献于社会以使人生更精彩。大部分活动安排在周一至周五白天 9 - 5点。

本活动为55岁以上需要的人提供拼车交通。欢迎携子女儿孙一同参加。金年华微信群已经建立。 活动时间,地点和内容将电邮或微信通知。 现设下列分组:

  • A. 学习新技术知识: 智能手机,平板电脑,电脑和互联网
  • B. 健身: 太极, 广场舞
  • C. 娱乐: 书法绘画,歌咏,乐器, 麻将, 扑克牌,谈天说地
  • D. 室外活动; 公园散步和野餐
  • E. 短途旅行: 市内或周边风景区


费用:$5/人/次 A-D, 会员免费。金年华活动参加人需要有独立的个人会籍。E组活动另行收费。

奧根華加協會 金年華 活動

感謝Service Canada/New Horizons for Seniors項目資助, 奧根華加協會 金年華活動始於2018年4 月, 旨在為老年人提供社會交流機會,鼓勵在退休後繼續貢獻於社會以使人生更精彩。大部分活動安排在周一至週五白天 9 - 5點。


  • A. 學習新技術知識: 智能手機,平板電腦,電腦和互聯網
  • B. 健身: 太極, 廣場舞
  • C. 娛樂: 書法繪畫,歌詠,樂器, 麻將, 撲克牌, 談天說地
  • D. 室外活動; 公園散步和野餐
  • E. 短途旅行: 市內或周邊風景區


費用:$5/人/次 A-D, 會員免費, 金年華活動參加人需要有獨立的個人會籍。 E組活動另行收費。

奥根华加协会 金年华活动 问答


Q & A 1 参加活动有收费吗 ?

对于会员大多数活动是免费的,为需要交通帮助的人免费提供交通。并有公里补贴给提供拼车服务的人。提供拼车服务需要有效驾照和良好驾驶记录。有第三方收费的活动会提前通知, 比如 游泳池入场费, 大巴车票和旅游景点入场卷,餐馆订餐等。 非会员每次参加活动收费$5.

Q & A 2会费是多少 ?怎样入会 ?

个人会员 $5/年,家庭会员$10/年。把填好的申请表和会费交给活动负责人或者写支票留在 Fuller 的信箱里。参加金年华活动的朋友都是成年人,希望独立的入会而不是依附孩子们。也是为了支持我们今后的经费申请使得这个项目能够继续。 公众经费数量和会员人数成正比。

Q & A 3 参加活动有年龄限制吗 ?


Q & A 4 活动时间 ?


  • A. 学习新技术知识: 智能手机,电脑,互联网
  • B. 健身: 太极,室外活动 (广场舞,公园散步和野餐),游泳,中草药, 亚洲保健品
  • C. 文化: 书法绘画,歌咏,乐器
  • D. 娱乐:麻将, 扑克牌
  • E. 巴士一日游, 市内或周边风景区。

金年华也会帮助成员参加其他团体组织的活动, 取决于第三方日程。最近将安排的是 5月19日 亚洲月的巴士一日游, 去Last Spike 和 Revelstoke。观光历史景点和宏伟的水电大坝。景点介绍将在最近几天提供。

奥根华加协会金年华活动得到Service Canada/New Horizons for Seniors资助。

The OCCA Communities Association programs are funded by:
" We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia"

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