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Job Connect for Youth and Newcomers

The OCCA employment services in 2010 when witnessed newcomer entrepreneurs and visible minorities struggling and losing jobs, businesses, and investments. Instead of revenge or hate action, we developed the capacity to help those case by case in jobs and careers, assist newcomer entrepreneurs and mediate employers and job seekers. 

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Job Connect was launched in 2017 to respond to increasing numbers of employers’ calls for recruitment. The program provides job information to registered job seekers specific or nonspecific depending on registrants’ profiles and demand/supplies, individual consultation for resume writing, and coaching for a job interview tailored to each client. Many registrants achieved stable employment through these efforts. We have first-hand experience understanding the particular challenges that newcomers and immigrants face. Most activities fill the service gaps and are held on weekends and evenings or flexible to suit the busy schedule of schooling and working in this new homeland.

Monthly job training workshops/seminars are held online since Sep 2020 with the topics under three categories:

  1. Expanding the job network by inviting industry leaders/HR managers to present insider’s views of employment in the related fields.
  2. Skill training in Job searching, resume writing, and interview;
  3. 21st Century skills for career improvement.

The training series is run in one year circle. In the 2022-2023 circle, we focused on non-profit management topics and aim to train younger generation leaders for nonprofit community organizations. The online sessions are time efficient for participants with busy schooling and working schedules.

Q & A about Subsidy Payments for Job Connect Participants

The online training sessions are open to all ages and free admission. Email to  to register and receive information. Qualified Youth (age 19-30) and Newcomers (age 19-40) will receive subsidy payments for their time to participate in training. The following are answers to common questions:

Q1. Why does the program pay Youth for participation?
A1.  Youth are the future of Canada. Youth are experiencing transition to independent adulthood and many of them are struggling to deal with the inflation of tuition and living expenses for their education. The OCCA is determined to help Youth with secured the funds donated by our senior executives and our members.

Q2.  What are the criteria to be paid to participate?
A2.  Funds are limited so applicants must submit their resumes for pre-approval and must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. If the budget permits, youth with valid student open work permits may be considered. Subsidies are provided via payroll and the social insurance number is mandatory. Approved youth payees must participate in all scheduled sessions full-time with video on and fill out the surveys at the end of each session.

Q3. How to receive subsidy payments if I am a qualified and approved payee?
A3. Payments are made via direct deposits quarterly at the end of Nov, Feb, May, and Aug.  Blank timesheets and direct deposit forms are emailed to all approved payees. Payees must keep a record of their participation, fill and sign timesheets, and email them to:    Deposit info and voided check must be submitted with the first-time claim. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

Q4. How to register for participation?
A4. Email your resume to:

Q5. Are you recruiting staff for the OCCA or providing individual consultation to help participants be employed with other companies?
A5.  Yes to both. We may offer employment in the OCCA to selected participants for practice and mutual benefits. The program will help participants individually to be prepared for employment and to be employed. We hope to pass the words around: the OCCA has a full-time position open for an executive director (ED). The position requires education in nonprofit management and a minimum of 5 years of working experience in charity/non for profit sectors.

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