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Job Connect for Youth (JYC)

Note: This service has been on-going during Covid-19.
Informative topics offered monthly via Zoom.
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We are very excited to announce that we will be one of the Canada Post Community Foundation grant recipients! This grant will enable us to continue the growth of OCCA’s Job Connect for Youth Program that aims to help current participants to broaden their career opportunities. To help connect and widen their connections, youths are taught valuable knowledge that applies to their future careers. We would like to show our appreciation and gratitude to the Canada Post Community Foundation, thank you!
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OCCA Job Connect for Youth
Opportunities open for paid Training Sessions

The OCCA Job Connect for Youth (JCY) enters the Year Two program circle (Sep 2021- Aug 2022). The online training sessions will be provided twice per month usually on Saturdays at 10 AM. Re-display of video recordings may be available at different time upon request.

The sessions will be provided under three categories:

  1. Expanding the job network by inviting industry leaders/cooperate HR managers to present insider’s views of employment in the related fields.
  2. Skill training in Job searching, resume writing, and interview;
  3. Twenty First Century skills for career improvement.

Qualified youth age 19-30 can be paid for their time to attend the training sessions at an hourly rate of $20 (conditions apply).


OCCA JCY Payroll Q & A

Sep. 1, 2021

The program activities online are open to all ages to participate free of charge. Email to  to register and receive information. Qualified Youth (age 19-30) will be paid for their time to participate in activities. The following are answers to common questions:


Q 1. Why does the program pay Youth for participation?

A 1  Youth are the future of Canada. Youth are experiencing transition to independent adulthood and many of them are struggling to deal with the inflation of tuition and living expenses for their education. The OCCA is determined to help Youth with secured the funds donated by our senior executives and our members.


Q 2.  What are the criteria to be paid to participate?

A 2.

– Youth (age 20 -30) of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. If the budget permits, Youth with student open work permits may be considered. If your social insurance start from 9, we need a scan copy of your work permit.

– Funds are limited. Applicants must submit their resumes for per-approval.

– Approved youth payees must participate in all scheduled activities full time with your video on. JCY sessions are online and free.  Occasional attending a session of a topic interesting is welcome but will not receive payment.


Q.3 How to receive payment if I am a qualified and approved JCY payee?

–  Year two payments will be made at end of Nov 2021, Feb, May and Aug 2022.

–  Keep record of your time to attend sessions, survey and other activities in this attached timesheet. Fill every section of this sheet, sign, date and email to:

– All payments will be made by direct deposit to your bank account. For the first submission,  you must fill the attached deposit info and send the voided check together with the timesheet.

All personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

Q 4. How to register for participation?

A 4. Email your resume to:


Q 5. Are you recruiting staff for the OCCA or provide individual consultation to help participants to be employed with other companies?

A 5.  Yes to both

– We may offer employment in the OCCA to selected participants for practice and mutual benefits.

– The program will help participants individually to be prepared for employment and to be employed.  – We hope to pass the words around: the OCCA has a position opening for an executive director (ED) or an ED associate. These positions require education in management and a minimum 5 years of working experience in charity/non for profit sectors.

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