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OCCA Supporting KGH Front Line Workers

  • 21, Aug

Covid-19 has been around for about a year and a half, and healthcare workers have been working non-stop. With the fourth wave, new Delta variants, and the thick smoke covering the region of bc, healthcare workers are feeling the strain more than ever. Through contacts with different nurses, the common issues have been personal fatigue and burnout, both physically and mentally. Physically, workers are pushed to their limits, working long shifts with little rest, and mentally, they get a sense that nobody cares when most of the patients they see are “unvaccinated non-believers”.

OCCA Communities Association and our members care about this and want to help to support these workers by doing everything in our capacity. We launched fundraising to support KGH front-line workers on August 13th, 2021. Within a week, we raised over $5,800 and ordered restaurant food to provide free lunch to the KGH front-line staff. The first food delivery event was on Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 at 11:30 am at the KGH on Royal Road near the Emergency Building and staff parking (location photo attached). Over 300 lunchboxes in pre-packaged large batches were delivered, according to the number list of recipient departments. A “Shout Out” to Imperial Banquet Restaurant and Wok Inn Restaurant, both from the Rutland area of Kelowna, where staff prepared and distributed food at their cost. Thanks also to Rich Tea for providing free soft drinks and bread.

Here is the link to Castanet report:
Kelowna Chinese community gifts hospital staff a free lunch – Kelowna News


OCCA Communities Association kindly gives thanks to the local Chinese and Asian restaurants, farms, and businesses which sponsored the Support KGH Front Line Workers Activities by donating money and food. The business donors were as follows:

Cota Topcoat Sealing & Paving, Kelowna

Century Feet Reflexology, Kelowna

Imperial Banquet Restaurant, Kelowna (Rutland)

Jindao Restaurant

Pomona Orchard Corp, Kelowna

Rich Tea, Kelowna

Royal Wok Restaurant, West Kelowna

The Honest Fresh Produce Inc (farm).

Wok Inn Restaurant Kelowna (Rutland)

Donors who made personal donation were:

Paul Low劉其星, Dr. Qiuyan Li 李秋燕医师/Dr. Qian Xiang 向前博士, Ling Fu 傅玲/Zixue Du 杜子学,  Miao Jiang Christina 江淼, Ying Xuan Zhu, Dr Bing Wang 王冰医师, Changxiang Yan John 严长祥/ Suping Liu Sophia 刘素萍 & Han Yan严翰, ShanZhen Liao廖陕珍/Dongfang Liao廖东方 &  Sophia, Dr. Hua Meng孟骅, Yangling Xu Lily,  Zhicheng Pan 潘志澄/Shanmin He 何善民, Yong Gao 高永/Huijuan Zhang Heidy张慧娟, Wen Shen Amy, Yoshimi Nishimu 欧方, Yujin Zhang, Qiao Ci Zhao, Shibo Liu, Xiaotong Mo, Jianfeng Wang 王建凤/Wangqing Xie 谢婉情,  Shuan Boo巫紹宣, Cheng Wei, Meide Xiao肖美德,  Gary Pan,  Hong Liang梁红, Chunyan Li 李春燕, Liwen Zhang张丽雯,  Fang Wu,  Min Li李敏,   Linan Zhang, Zhiyan Cheng, Jianxiu Liang,   Ningning Wang,  Heather LWipel,  Jianfeng Lin 林建峰, Sophia Liao

We will continue this fundraising campaign to support hospital first-line workers and ask for public support and participation. OCCA Communities Association is a registered Canadian charity organization. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or greater. Your kind donations can be e-transferred to:

Comments from Front Line Staff

All the staff was so happy yesterday! Cardiologist Dr. Patton said definitely staff cheered up after being fed and got boosted up!

Amazing! Delicious! So generous! Everything was fantastic!!! Thank you soooooo much都明确表示要多多去支持Rich Tea, Wok inn and Imperial Banquet.

Yes, I met a few lab technologists at lunch room yesterday. They kept saying that this is so nice and so generous and feel good to know people care about them.

I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for the delicious lunch your society donated to us this past Tuesday! We thoroughly enjoyed it and it lifted our spirits! I and many others commented that there was ample leftover in our individual meals to share at home, which spread your generosity even further.

Thank you again.


Lorraine Roth

Molecular Department, KGH

Here is the link to Castanet report:
Kelowna Chinese community gifts hospital staff a free lunch – Kelowna News