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  • 21, Aug

Covid-19 has been around for about a year and a half, and healthcare workers have been working non-stop. With the fourth wave, new Delta variants, and the thick smoke covering the region of bc, healthcare workers are feeling the strain more than ever. Through contacts with different nurses, the common issues have been personal fatigue and burnout, both physically and mentally. Physically be, workers are pushed to their limits, working long shifts with little rest, and mentally, they get a sense that nobody cares when most of the patients they see are “unvaccinated non-believers”.

OCCA Communities Association and our members care about this and want to help to support these workers by doing everything in our capacity. We launched fundraising to support KGH front-line workers on Aug.13. Within a week, we raised over $5,800 and will order restaurant food to provide free lunch to the KGH front-line staff. The first food delivery event is on Tuesday, Aug.24, at 11:30, am at the KGH on Royal Road near the Emergency Building and staff parking (location photo attached).  Over 300 lunchboxes in pre-packaged large batches according to the number list of recipient departments. Imperial Banquet and Walk Inn Restaurant Rutland will prepare and distribute food at the cost. Rich Tea provides free soft drinks and bread.

Local Chinese and Asian restaurants, farms, and businesses sponsored the activities by donating money and food.  As of Aug.20, the following sponsors donated cash:

Jindao Restaurant

Imperial Banquet restaurant

Rich Tea,

Xing Yun Asian Restaurant

Wok Inn Restaurant Rutland

Wok Out Restaurant

The Honest Fresh Produce Inc (farm).

Country Feet

Pomona Orchard

We will continue this fundraising campaign to support hospital first-line workers and ask for public support and participation. The OCCA is a registered charity organization. Tax receipts will be issued to donations above $20.  Donations can be e-transferred to:

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